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Oct 11

October updates at Morbid Rodz.

Just an update about all the exciting new things going on at Morbid Rodz. We are now offering brand new, hand fabricated frames for Ford Model A cars. The frame for a Sedan is priced at $4500.00 bare or $6500.00 as a roller. The Coupe and Roadster frame is priced at $4000.00 bare or $6000.00 as a roller. There is a two week fabrication time between when a frame is ordered and when it is available for pickup or shipment. These frames are built as they are ordered and are only assembled using the best materials. For those of you interested in a bare frame or rolling chassis feel free to contact the shop with any questions. For those of you who are curious about what else has been going on at the shop check out the pictures below for a peak. You’ll find pictures of the new frames, a 5 Window Coupe, a Roadster, a couple Sedans, another VW Bug “Volksrod” and more!
Dec 10

Traditional style Model A roadster

Here’s a sneak peek of a traditional style Ford Model A roadster built by Morbid Rodz. This roadster sits atop a modified Model A frame and is powered by a mild small bock drive train.  
Nov 10

Blown Roadster update.

Here’s some progress pictures of the Morbid Rodz blown roadster as it nears completion. It’s powered by a stout small block Chevy topped with a supercharger and sitting on Corvette wheels.
Oct 10

Morbid Rodz Supercharged Roadster

Check out this short video of the blown roadster running!
Oct 10

A couple more 6 duece roadster pics.

Just adding a couple more pictures of the 6 deuce Model A roadster.