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May 12

33 Ford for sale

All steel 33 Ford for sale.  Asking $22,000.00.  For more information please call or text 903-249-4061.
Feb 12

February 2012 updates.

Here’s a few pictures of projects floating around the shop this month.  A stock Ford Model A Coupe, a black 29 rat rod Sedan powered by a 454 big block, and Ford COE Hauler project.  There’s also a few other projects in the works, check out the pictures!!        
Oct 11

October updates at Morbid Rodz.

Just an update about all the exciting new things going on at Morbid Rodz. We are now offering brand new, hand fabricated frames for Ford Model A cars. The frame for a Sedan is priced at $4500.00 bare or $6500.00 as a roller. The Coupe and Roadster frame is priced at $4000.00 bare or $6000.00 as a roller. There is a two week fabrication time between when a frame is ordered and when it is available for pickup or shipment. These frames are built as they are ordered and are only assembled using the best materials. For those of you interested in a bare frame or rolling chassis feel free to contact the shop with any questions. For those of you who are curious about what else has been going on at the shop check out the pictures below for a peak. You’ll find pictures of the new frames, a 5 Window Coupe, a Roadster, a couple Sedans, another VW Bug “Volksrod” and more!
Jul 10

The Original Morbid Rod.

Here’s a blast from the past. A few days ago I stumbled across a few more pictures of the original Morbid Rod and thought I’d add them and bump this post back to the top to show everyone the car that started Morbid Rodz. This car was built over the course of many months during 2005 – 2006 in a small shop here in Paris, Texas. It started life as a 1930 – 31 Ford Model A sedan but was highly modified with a chop and channel job. The frame started life as a 36 pickup piece that was boxed and clipped with Corvette donor suspension front and rear and the finished sedan body was mated to it. The same Corvette donated it’s drive train to this beast and after hours and hours of work the car was finished and terrorizing the streets. The original Morbid Rod featured several unique touches that would later on be used on almost every rat rod that rolled out of the shop. Features such as chopped roof profiles, channeling the body over the frame, aluminum roof skins and braces, and wrenches modified for things like accelerator pedals and handles. This car also had a fully custom grill shell, a miniature coffin air breather, flame thrower exhaust, custom skull shaped tail lights, and chainsaw chain accents around the roof line to complete the horror theme. The car was a blast to ride in but eventually it was sold on Ebay to fund the next project and the shop known as Morbid Rodz was born!
Jul 10

The satin black Model A sedan heads off to a new home, and the bagged 69 Chevy truck is on Ebay!

The satin black Model A highboy sedan was picked up this morning and is on it’s way to its new owner. httpv:// In other news, the 69 Chevy shortbed truck is now on Ebay. Check it out!