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Jan 11

Morbid Rodz GMC COE Car Hauler nears completion.

The Morbid Rodz GMC COE Car Hauler is nearly finished. To refresh your memory it’s a 40s model GMC cab over assembly mated to a Ford E/F-450 series chassis, powered by a Cummins diesel mounted behind the cab, and features a custom car hauler bed long enough to haul pretty much anything you want on there.  
Sep 10

The 6 duece roadster and GMC COE car hauler near completion, plus a couple more project cars in the works.

The 6 deuce Model A roadster and GMC cab over car hauler are nearly completed, and a supercharged roadster & small block powered 5 window coupe are in the works. Check out the pics and let us know what you think!
Jun 10

Car Hauler update

A few days ago we shuffled some things around the shop to free up a bunch of space and get the car hauler in a better spot.
Apr 10

First look at the COE car hauler.

Here’s a sneak peak of the COE car hauler.  It’s Cummins diesel powered with an automatic and sits on a modified F-series heavy duty chassis.