Category: COE

Jan 13

January 2013 Update

Here’s a small update and link to the January 2013 gallery containing a few photos of the current projects under construction at Morbid Rodz.  The Crew Cab COE is coming along nicely, the maroon coupe is almost finished, and the shop is filled with other projects.  You can find the newest gallery by clicking here.
Mar 12

Ford COE Update

The Ford COE is nearly completed.  The COE body sits on a 92 Dodge chassis and powered by a Cummins turbo diesel.
Mar 12

Ford COE build.

Here’s a current project at Morbid Rodz, it’s a Ford COE body mated to a 92 Dodge chassis and powered by a Cummins turbo diesel.  Check back soon for more updates and pictures.
Feb 12

February 2012 updates.

Here’s a few pictures of projects floating around the shop this month.  A stock Ford Model A Coupe, a black 29 rat rod Sedan powered by a 454 big block, and Ford COE Hauler project.  There’s also a few other projects in the works, check out the pictures!!        
Jan 11

Morbid Rodz GMC COE Car Hauler nears completion.

The Morbid Rodz GMC COE Car Hauler is nearly finished. To refresh your memory it’s a 40s model GMC cab over assembly mated to a Ford E/F-450 series chassis, powered by a Cummins diesel mounted behind the cab, and features a custom car hauler bed long enough to haul pretty much anything you want on there.