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Feb 13

Maroon Ford Model A Coupe Completed

The Maroon Ford Model A Coupe has been completed. The top was chopped on this one and the body rests on a custom hand fabricated chassis.     This 1930 Ford Model A had a nice older restoration but failed to sell on Ebay twice so it became the latest project car at Morbid Rodz.   Here’s what the car looked like before it was rebuilt :     Be sure to check out the rest of the build pics here.
Jan 13

January 2013 Update

Here’s a small update and link to the January 2013 gallery containing a few photos of the current projects under construction at Morbid Rodz.  The Crew Cab COE is coming along nicely, the maroon coupe is almost finished, and the shop is filled with other projects.  You can find the newest gallery by clicking here.
Apr 12

62 Cadillac project

Here’s a future project at Morbid Rodz, a 1962 Cadillac.  Not quite sure what direction this one will take, but it’ll be cool when it’s done! Be sure to check back for more updates down the road.  
Apr 12

The carnage begins

Since the 1930 Ford Model A coupe failed to sell on Ebay twice, it’s become the latest project car at Morbid Rodz.  Here’s a couple pictures of the carnage as it comes apart.  As someone on Facebook said earlier, Anybody can restore an antique but it takes a real man to cut one up.
Mar 12

Model A Coupe by Morbid Rodz.

Here’s the latest creation at Morbid Rodz, a Model A Coupe that’s currently in a bare metal finish.  This car features one of our new fabricated frames. Check it out and be sure to let us know what you think!